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Dog Trainer VA - Dog obedience training testimonial

Dog obedience training testimonial - Dog Trainer VA

Offering Dog Training Services In These Areas:

We now offer shuttle service!

This includes the D.C. area, Richmond, Charlottesville, and southern Maryland. Call for availability & price.

Dog Trainer in Virginia
Woodside Farms Dog Training

specializes in in-home dog training

We focus on exactly what you and the dog need. We teach you how to communicate with your dog in a simple but effective way so the dog will understand clearly what is expected of him/her and be happy to comply. Our dog trainers teach obedience, house manners, and more.

At the end of the training you can take your dog anywhere including the vet‘s office and he will be welcome. You can have guests come to your house and the dog will greet them in a mannerly way. You will be educated how to feed your dog,exercise him, and what health care your dog actually needs. This includes grooming and hygiene for your particular breed or coat type and which tools you will need

Professional Dog Training School
Dog Trainer VA

We have been training dogs for over 20 years. Our beautiful training facility located in Orange, VA will provide your pet with a great learning environment and our methods are proven. Call our dog trainer today to find out for yourself,  (908) 400-8223.

Dog Trainer VA - Endorced by the humane society

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About Susan

About Susan - Dog Trainer VA
Susan Travellin is the woman behind Woodside Dog Training more...

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Dog Training School VA
Woodside Farms is the home of the KFFC method of training more...

Now Offering Complete Grooming Services - Have your dog groomed while he's away for training camp.

Also offering overnight pet sitting in northern Virginia and surrounding areas. A reliable, pet savy person will stay overnight at your house, feed morning and evening, plus do all the walks during that time Your pets feel like they are not alone and comfortable in their own homes.

Also - free to good homes only - Young American Foxhounds. They didn't make it as hunting dogs but would make sweet, beautiful house pets. Several are under two years of age. Call for more info.