Jack Russell Puppies for Sale

Woodside Jack Russell Terriers are known for their exceptional temperaments and good health

Woodside Jack Russell Terriers are known for their exceptional temperaments and good health. They are intelligent dogs that are true Jack Russells in that they maintain their ability to hunt. They make excellent family pets. We pick the best dog from each generation and if she grows to be healthy, intelligent, trainable and also have good looks she will have three to four litters and then be spayed and spend the rest of her life with Susan as her pet and obedience partner. Susan has been breeding Jack Russells since 1983. Although we do not usually produce more than one litter a year we can help you find the right puppy for your lifestyle even if that dog is not a jack Russell. Susan has acquired a list of good approved small breeders with whom she can help you pick the best dog for you. http://wsdogtraining.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=8&action=edit

We have a litter of three pups who will be ready to go around the end of June 2015. There are 2 boys and a girl. One pup is already chosen. These puppies will be able to be registered with the AKC under the Russell Terrier group. The parents have had their health tests and are AKC registered. The mother, Woodside Bobette is registered with the EJRTCA as well. The father, Trophy, is an international champion and an AKC grand Champion. He will be competing in the International Championship this June. THIS IS THE SIRE OF BOBETTE’S LITTER – INT. CHAM. TROPHY DELL’ISOLA DEI BARONI 620 768IMG_0931[1]WOODSIDE BOBETTE   May we introduce Bess’s daughter, Woodside Pinky? Bess is now retired from breeding and enjoying her life as a demo dog for obedience, going kayaking in the summer, and making sure the barn has no mice or rats. So may we introduce Woodsidefarm Pinky? Pinks is registered with the English Jack Russell group. She stands 12″ tall. She already has her Canine Good Citizen title and has proved to be a brave hunter. I couldn’t imagine a sweeter dog. She gets along with all people and all other dogs. Pinky was bred to a tri colored male with a similar build to her. Both dogs have undergone health tests and are clear. The puppies should be arriving around July 5-6. The father is JamesRiver Debon and is registered with the JRTCA. The mother, Woodside Pinky, is registered with the EJRTCA. [/column]