Dog Boarding Services

Our Dog boarding/training facility serves the Richmond Va area. The dog from Richmond Va who is used to personal and one-on-one attention will do well in this setting. We limit our dog boarding to no more than 6 dogs at a time. This allows us to give our attention to each and every dog. We take the time to notice if your dog is eating, drinking and acting in a normal way. Your dog will not spend his time in a cage surrounded by stressed, over excited dogs who get to go outside twice a day. Your dog won’t come home smelling like disinfectant cleaners. He won’t lose his housebreaking since he will have plenty of opportunities to eliminate outside.

Our inside runs are spacious, climate controlled and mimic home as much as possible. Your dog will listen to music, or tv while he is inside his spacious room. This building and the inside runs were designed with air flow in mind. Air circulation is always important when housing multiple animals. We air out the building each day unless the weather is frigid. An air filtration system cleans the air and kills germs.
Transport for the Richond Va area is available.

Dog boarding facility serving Richmond, VA


Richmond Va dog owners will be happy with this alternative to caged inside dog boarding. Each run is open on the top but has wire fencing on the top to discourage climbers. Each run has a chain link door so we can see the dog and he feels less closed in. He will have constant access to fresh water, be fed his own food, and be allowed his own toys and bed. Or, we provide bedding if needed.

Treats are available but if Fido is watching his weight please let us know. We use only high quality treats. If your dog is on a special diet you may bring them with you. The building is well insulated and the windows allow sunlight to enter the building. All runs have dog doors that allow the dog to enter his run as needed. Generally, in the milder weather the dogs are allowed to stay outside and shady areas are always available.

There are always several toys available according to the breed and size. If he is the social type, he will be allowed to play with other dogs. If not, he will have his own time outside. Runs and the inside building are cleaned on a daily basis and the exercise yards are cleaned throughout the day. Hikes in the countryside are available upon request. If you wish, he can be bathed and groomed before he goes home. Pick up and delivery of your pet are also offered as a service. The fee for this service is $1.00 a mile and $40 an hour. When your dog goes home he will be relaxed, and a bit quiet for a few days. This is because he was kept on a schedule and allowed play time throughout the day. Dogs who come to Woodside Farm can’t wait to return. They get excited in the car when they realize they are here again. And while your dog will be glad to see you again, he will be sad to leave his friends, both human and canine.


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