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Washington DC Dog Training Services start with helping you find the right dog.

We each have our unique skill sets and responsibilities, dogs are no different. In fact the breed history of a dog can tell us much about what the dog will be passionate about as well as struggle with when it comes to pleasing their master with perfection. Imagine each breed as their own sort of reality-tv-family. From Honey BooBoo to the Kardashians, there are things that just won’t work well in your home. You could invest hours pouring over AKC dog descriptions or taking online quizzes geared to tell you which breed is best for you, OR you could call Woodside Farms and talk to a trainer with over 25-years of dog training experience. Woodside Farms Washington DC dog training services go beyond obedience training offering you the services you need to improve your ownership experience.

Washington DC Dog training services include helping you find the right dog as well as training.

By getting to know you, the client, Woodside Farms can guide you through selecting the right dog for you and even help you locate a dog that meets your needs. From mixed breeds to champion lines trainer Susan Travellin is skilled at evaluating a dog’s potential and devising a training program suitable for the dog’s age, breed and personality. Susan not only evaluates pure breeds but also rescue dogs and those of unknown origin.

Then to ensure that you don’t miss out on the optimal time to train your newest addition, Susan can devise a training program that works for you. From focused week long sessions to two and three week sessions, we are here to make it happen. Once training is complete Susan is available for a follow-up sessions should the need arise. Or if you’d like to further your dog’s education with the Woodside team, we can map out a goal and training program to help fido excel in learning entertaining tricks, performing well at dog show competitions, or becoming a reliable therapy dog.

Get a free quote or call Woodside Farms today (908) 400-8223 to discuss your training or boarding needs.

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About Susan

About Susan
Susan Travellin is the woman behind Woodside Dog Training more...

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Dog Training DC
Woodside Farms is the home of the KFFC method of training more...

Now Offering Complete Grooming Services - Have your dog groomed while he's away for training camp.

Also offering overnight pet sitting in northern Virginia and surrounding areas. A reliable, pet savy person will stay overnight at your house, feed morning and evening, plus do all the walks during that time Your pets feel like they are not alone and comfortable in their own homes.

Also - free to good homes only - Young American Foxhounds. They didn't make it as hunting dogs but would make sweet, beautiful house pets. Several are under two years of age. Call for more info.