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Dog Training Fauquier County - Testimonial 1

Dog Training Fauquier County - Testimonial 2

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Fauquier County dog training for now and later

Pleasing our boss and loved ones is part of our job everyday. And no matter how naturally skilled we are it still takes us guidance, training, and practice to get there. As dog owners it’s our responsibility to provide our furry four-legged companions guidance and training along with all of our love and support. You could spend hours pouring over guidebooks and instructional videos and getting no where, or you could consult the dog trainers at Woodside Farms and see what sort of Fauquier County Dog training programs would benefit you most at this stage in your dogs life. From the basic training skills to help pets cope with everyday life, to career style skills that allow dogs to compete or work in a professional capacity, trainer Susan Travellin works with you and your dog to ensure you get the most out of your Woodside Farms dog training experience.

Woodside Farms-Fauquier County dog training services cater to dogs of all ages, breeds and sizes. While flexibility enables Woodside Farms trainer to work with the demands of your schedule. You can bring your dog to Woodside Farms for training for a one to three week training session or schedule regular interval training sessions. Woodside can also arrange special field trips or intervention sessions to train your dog to cope with various stressful situations he or she encounters regularly.

Fauquier County Dog Training and Boarding

Interested in boarding your dog at Woodside Farms? While all dogs enjoy their time at Woodside Farms, it is up to you to decide whether your dog will be enjoying our Training and Boarding Program or our Boarding and Relaxation Program. Both are fantastic opportunities for your furry friend to enjoy his or her time at Woodside Farms with opportunities to hike and play.

Get a free quote or call Woodside Farms today at (908) 400-8223 to discover more about the services available in Fauquier County.

Dog Training Fauquier - Endorced by the humane society

About Susan

About Susan
Susan Travellin is the woman behind Woodside Dog Training more...

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Dog Training Fauquier
Woodside Farms is the home of the KFFC method of training more...

Now Offering Complete Grooming Services - Have your dog groomed while he's away for training camp.

Also offering overnight pet sitting in northern Virginia and surrounding areas. A reliable, pet savy person will stay overnight at your house, feed morning and evening, plus do all the walks during that time Your pets feel like they are not alone and comfortable in their own homes.

Also - free to good homes only - Young American Foxhounds. They didn't make it as hunting dogs but would make sweet, beautiful house pets. Several are under two years of age. Call for more info.